Top 5 Google+ Tips For Your Android Phone

Google + is growing on a daily basis to a whopping 10 million users. It goes without saying that it’s a great tool to implement in order to help grow your online business or personal profile. It is super easy to use on the Android phone and already has over 100,000 downloads. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty and review the best tips and tricks for Google +.

Top 5 Google+ Tips For Your Android Phone

Managing Circles:

Google plus circles helps you to organize and manage people into specific circles similar to a filing cabinet. For example, you can create individual circles for family, friends, acquaintances, business associates and so forth. Once you create these specific circles you can then start adding each individual within the proper circle. It is much like real life where in your mind associates each person within a specific category.

Circle Sharing:

You can start sharing various content such as videos, text messages, e-mails or any other content of your choosing within a specific circle. For example, if you want to make an invitation by text to your friends, family or parents you can easily create a single text message or post and share it within a circle which contains those people. Posts can be public or private. When a post is written in green then it is a public post. You can easily change the status to a private post by clicking the right corner triangle and selecting its status from public to private.

Quick Keyboard Post Shortcuts:

There are a handy number of shortcuts you could use for Google + and they are as follows:

  • If you click shift+ space bar, this will scroll up the news stream
  • Click space bar and you will scroll down the news stream
  • Press the Queue button and you will move up or down the page
  • Hit the enter button and start comment immediately
  • Click J and scroll to next stream update
  • Click K and to previous stream update

Post editing:

You can easily view what people are sharing thru your stream. You can choose which circles to view or which circles not to view which will help you manage your feeds better and stop the constant bombardment of posts which you have no interest in. When you do make a comment or post you can easily go back to edit or delete that specific post at any time.


Within Google plus you’re able to chat with people in your circles. The chat application is very similar to Google chat which is a plug-in that you have to download. In order to have chat capability with the people in your circles the other person also has to have chat enabled and the plug-in downloaded.

In Conclusion:

The above five tips are the main ones that you need to learn in order to start using Google + immediately. Google is constantly updating and revamping and we are sure to see many new features in the upcoming near future. In order to use the Google plus network comfortably make sure you have high-speed bandwidth enabled on your phone or computer. There are great deals being offered by AT&T which you can check on by going to an Att uverse coupon codes page.

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