The 7 Best Features of Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 is finally here; I am using Windows 8 beta version from the time of its release and was planning to buy the Windows 8 Pro copy when it will be launched. Windows 8 comes in two variant Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.  Windows 8 Pro has some advance features that Windows 8 doesn’t have like data protection, remote desktop support, connection to corporate domain etc.  Windows 8 comes with inbuilt antivirus, Windows defender and has latest Internet Explorer 10 on it.

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

7 Best Features of Windows 8 Are:

  • Live Tiles and Lock Screen:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

The live tiles feature is really very helpful to access emails, calendars, photos, upcoming events, latest news headline from the desktop screen without going or opening that specific application. The third party applications also work well with the live tiles. User needs to pin that particular application to the live tiles and it will keep updating automatically.  The lock Screen feature helps user to set calendar , notification, updates about weather and send that information to Lock Screen as reminder all the time.

  • Snap View feature:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 offers snap view feature which comes in full screen by default but user can use two apps at once side-by-side.  This feature is really helpful if you want to copy any data from one app to the other or if you are chatting with your friend and working on a file or watching a movie while browsing internet all this functionality is supported with snap feature for Windows 8.

  • Task Manager:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

The functionality of task manager in Windows 8 has been improved and is much user friendly. It offers several options. When an application is executed it will show user a complete list of what and how much CPU, Memory, Disk space an app is using to run.  The uses by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth can also been seen from there. The best feature of task manager is, while copying file from one location to other user can pause copying operation from task manager and can execute at later point of time.

  • Easy Sync Settings:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 offers a wide range of sync settings and allows user to sync personal data, lock screen, password, colors, app settings, language preferences, browser settings and more with the help of Microsoft cloud based SkyDrive service. It will automatically picks up all the settings from cloud server and will restore those settings for the user.  

  • Easy to Use Search Tool:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 offers system-wide search tool to search any tools, application, files and folder at once. To use this feature, start typing while on the New UI and it will automatically start displaying results. If user is looking for a file name say “Microsoft” then the result will be displayed in a divided partition with name as files, apps, settings, store etc.

  • Easy  Gesture:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

This feature provides user a simple touch based swapping on a touch enabled computers and also allows swapping the same from charms bar. The pinch to zoom feature can be used to view at high resolution.

  • Windows App Store:

The Best 7 Features of Microsoft Windows 8

Widows 8 App store comes with lots of application categorize and grouped by a common set of criteria.  The apps in Windows Store are shown by application name, logo and price, if it is a paid app. The thumbnail for App Store can be set as curated, browser category with file name.

The other remarkable features in Windows 8 are charms bar, the charms bar can executed by pressing “Windows + C” key from the keyboard, when pressed together it will take user to option with search, share, start, devices and setting. The Hyper V feature works as a virtual PC and can be used to mount (ISO, VHD files), install and run other OS with the help of it.

These all are the best features of Microsoft Windows 8, in my next article I am going to share how to install, upgrade and activate Windows 8 on a computer. Till then stay tuned with TechDistinct for updates.

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    Really amazing features … I am very excited to test it!

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