Unroot Any Android Device with Universal Unroot Tool

For those Android users who are enjoying their rooted Android devices for a long time and were looking for a way around to switch their devices to a unrooted state, those users can go with Universal unroot tool. This tool helps a newbie or novice user to unroot Android devices in few simple steps.  Unroot Any Android Device with Universal Unroot Tool

We know that a root access to Android device opens a wide range of options that are restricted by handset manufacturers. Root access helps us to flash stock ROM and install custom ROM into it and also provides us options to add perform custom mod. The root access to a device is restricted by manufacturer to prevent users to install any untrusted application on the device and hence wants users to stick with the stock ROM.Unroot Any Android Device with Universal Unroot Tool

Once the device is rooted it not only stops support from handset manufacturer if the device comes under warranty period but also makes it ineligible to enjoy the warranty on the device. As it sounds, it’s not that easy to unroot the devices if you are a novice who had rooted the phone with the help of his friend. So for those users, Universal Unroot tool will help to unroot the device in one go.

Universal Unroot Tool removes all the traces to the root access and can unroot devices using Koush Superuser, ChainsDD Superuser and Chain fire Super SU, the tool supports devices running on x86, MIPS and ARM based processor.

To begin with this tool, user need to simply run this app and click on “Unroot” button. Once  clicked on “Unroot” button it will remove traces of any Superuser, su binary files and will permanently block the root access.  The devices will restart once, after the process and you are done with unrooting the device.

Download: Universal Unroot Tool

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