How to Exploit Secure Boot and Root Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is the newest device launched in the market which has made people go crazy. If you have not yet heard about Google Chromecast, then let me tell you in brief; this is a small digital media adapter which offers easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV act as HDMI dongle that mirrors content being played nearby on supported device.You need to simply plug this device into any HDTV and control functionality of device with the help of smartphone, laptop or tablet. Interesting right? The device is available in the market merely for $35. Chromecast runs on Android OS and has some limitations. Recently, developers from GTV Hacker has able to find the exploit and is able to gain root Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast

To root Google Chromecast user need to gather following items and also need to make their mind whether they really need to root Chromecast or not.

Items required to root Google Chromecast are:

  • Google Chromecast device
  • Blank USB flash drive
  • Powered Micro USB OTG Cable
  • Image file to flash Chromecast [Download]

Disclaimer: Please try this guide at your own risk, we at TechDistinct are not to be held responsible if something went wrong or device gets damaged.

Pre-Setup for Google Chromecast:

  • Download and extract the .zip file
  • Install USB image file extracted above as a whole to your USB flash drive with dd:

Syntax: dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=1024

Steps to root Google Chromecast:

  • Connect the flash drive into one female end of the USB OTG cable and plug the other end into Chromecast
  • Press and hold the button on Google Chromecast while plugging in power cord.
  • Now, watch at screen and look for any blinking light on the flash drive. Chromecast will power up and flash unsigned kernel, run the script which will replace /system with rooted one.
  • It will then clear/wipe data and then restart the device in normal state. The process will take 1-minute to complete, don’t unplug anything while the root is in process.
  • Once, the root process is completed, device will restart with a new splash screen, just re-setup Chromecast and you are ready to go.
  • User can also try Telenet to get root access on Chromecast on port 23.

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  1. Nikhil @ September 2, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    Hey Abhishek its a niceway to root it. But also there is a way to avoid Chromecast, you can use “cheapcast” application. Cheers for sharing! 🙂

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