3 Best Password Manager Software for Windows, Mac and Linux OS

These days managing and securing username and password for different websites that authenticates users only after login is such a headache. As, we usually forgot the password, email or the username for any websites and that results us to reset the password in the end, but how many times do we have to remember those credentials and reset it, if forgot. To solve this problem software developer has designed few awesome password manager tool that will help users to manage those credential without worrying for anything. Today we are going to discuss three best free password manager software which can be used for the said reason, Catch us after the jump!

        1.KeePass Password Safe:

Password Manager SoftwareKeePass is one of the top three free password manager software which is widely used to save Windows network password, FTP password, email account, websites login credentials etc.  Keepass is such a cool and open source software which offers amazing features that you will only get in paid or premium version.

KeePass uses encryption algorithm like AES and Twofish to save all login credentials in one database and locks it with master password (It is the password that you choose while installing KeePass). If you want to access KeePass software, you have to enter the master password, that means you have to memorize only one password.

KeePass is available for free and apart from that its source code is open, you can have a peek into the codes and check whether the encryption is used properly or not.

KeePass is available for Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD and the list is endless.. You can check device compatibility in the download page of KeePass.

Download: KeePass

        2. LastPass Password Manager:

Password Manager SoftwareThis is the second and premium password manger software which offers robust features that are not available in KeePass. LastPass is voted as top rated software by Cnet. Some amazing features offered by LastPass are:

  • Hassle free login option as it stores and fills the login credentials when you return back to the same website.
  • Stores important information like credit cards, insurance cards, Wi-Fi login password, passport and driving license and much more in a safe and private database.
  • Even backup all sensitive documents and share them with other fellow LastPass users.
  • LastPass can generate long and strong password for you.

LastPass also offers some advance and cool features that are available in premium version and many corporate users prefer to use premium version of it as it offers additional features like password sync between any LastPass installed devices on the go.

LastPass is available for Windows, Mac and Linux & also available as browser plug-in for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.  Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry smartphone users can download LastPass from their respective Store.

Download: LastPass

     3. Dashlane Password Manager:

Password Manager SoftwareDashlane is another great password manager tool which is widely used to save web credentials. Dashlane is available in both free and paid version. Features of Dashlane are:

  • AutoFill feature which helps user to save up to 50 hours in a year which is wasted while entering login credentials.
  • Digital Wallet is another feature which allows users to make express checkout and saving screenshots of purchase information.
  • Dashlane works seamlessly on all devices without any issues as it sync all login credentials with the connected devices.
  • Other features that are offered by Dashlane are iron clad security, secure account backup and priority support.

Dashlane is available for Windows, Mac and Android devices and can be downloaded from below link.

Download: Dashlane


Among all these three, I personally liked LastPass as it offers more than expected features in its free edition and if someone upgrades to premium version then LastPass is never going to disappoint it’s user in any scenario. It’s simply superb !

Go Grab any one among the three and share us your experience in your comments below.

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