Get notified, when you lose a friend on Facebook‏ with Unfriend Notify for Facebook

Have you ever thought there should be an app or software just like many other already existed tools for Facebook that will allow you to receive notification when someone remove your from their friend list? If you are still looking for such an app then look no further, here we have Unfriend Notify for Facebook , that will allow users to track when someone unfriends you.

Unfriend Notify for Facebook is simple yet powerful application that allows Facebook users to receive notification when someone unfriend you on Facebook. This is one of the many apps which is available as an extension for chrome and Firefox web browser.

We will tell you how Unfriend Notify for Facebook works, catch us after the jump!Unfriend Notify for Facebook.

  • To begin with Unfriend Notify for Facebook app, user have to visit from either of Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Once you are on fbfriendcheck website, select the browser from drop down box and hit “activate”.
  • The activate button will take you to the respective web browser app store, click on “add to chrome” or “install on Firefox”.
  • Once the add-on is installed and activated, simply go to your Facebook friend list, there you will find a list for “lost friend” click on that and you will come to know who unfriended you on Facebook recently, as it will only show result of lost friend from the day you installed the add-on.


Once the add-on is installed and activated, a notification symbol will be added to your desktop, so whenever someone unfriends you, you will be able to know the name of the person in real time.

Do let us know, if you encounter any issue while using Unfriend Notify for Facebook.

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