Easily Access Files on Your PC with AirStream

There are plethora of applications available in the app market that offer us many amazing features on the go. One such app about which we are going to discuss today is “AirStream”. AirStream is an android app that offers Windows PC users to access files/data from their mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Just like Dropbox and other multi-platform application it allows users to get connected to their PC using a secure connection and allows them to access data/files using your favorite file manager. AirStream app is coded in Java so it can be easily be installed on any operating system with a graphical UI.

AirStream is divided into two parts: an Android client that needs to be installed on the mobile device and PC client that can be launched on your desktop computer.

Easily Access Files on Your PC with AirStream

Pre-requisite to begin with AirStream:

  • AirStream client installed (Mobile & PC).
  • Device doesn’t need to be rooted
  • Decent Wi-Fi or mobile data connection

Features available in AirStream:

  • Quick movie streaming
  • Easy access of all devices and files
  • Integrated music player… create playlist, imports playlists, sync between devices etc.

Procedure to install AirStream:

  • Install the .apk on your Android device
  • Copy and install .jar version of AirStream client on desktop.
  • Now, login to both (Android and PC device) with same credentials.
  • Voila! It’s done.

Now you will be able to access files/data from anywhere in the world. AirStream app is designed because most of our data like movies, music, photos & even important work documents are saved on our computers. Even today there is no easy way to access them on mobile devices. The app offers access to all your files from your computer from anywhere in the world without any limits on GBs.

AirStream is a great app for all Android devices, if you have a decent internet connection and looking for free Android app that can help you to access data that are saved on your computer then we strongly recommend you to try AirStream.


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