Switch Quickly Between 30 Free DNS Servers with ChrisPC DNS Switch

You might have heard about DNS or resolving DNS related terms, in technical jargon it is known as Domain Name Server which helps DNS servers to communicate between different computers or device connected over the network. ChrisPC DNS Switch is such an app which allow end user to switch between different free or open DNS servers with one single app.


ChrisPC DNS Switch houses some of the most popular DNS servers that offer flexible medium to switch between OpenDNS or Google or FreeDNS servers and hence offers better surfing experience to the user. ChrisPC DNS Switch also offers advance users to add their own DNS server.

After installing ChrisPC DNS Switch, the app sits in the system tray and hence offer portable access to the app. To pull up the ChrisPC DNS Switch app console just do a right click on the system tray app and select “Show DNS Switch”. To switch between different DNS server, do right click on ChrisPC DNS Switch system tray icon and select “All DNS Presets”, it will show list of all preloaded, reliable DNS server.

A total of 30 preconfigured /installed DNS are available for now in ChrisPC DNS Switch, which I believe is enough to boost your current internet surfing experience. Google DNS, Yandex, Norton, Commodo, OpenDNS are some the few DNS that comes pre-configured with ChrisPC DNS Switch.ChrisPC-DNS-Switch-Settingss

Begin with ChrisPC DNS Switch:

  • To begin with ChrisPC DNS Switch, simply jump to the below link, download and install ChrisPC DNS.
  • After installing ChrisPC DNS Switch, launch the app from quick launch or start menu list.
  • In the very first screen of ChrisPC DNS Switch, select the Network adapter that you want to use. By default there will be only one adapter card listed but few people consider installing two network cards or NIC in a single computer so make choice accordingly.
  • Current DNS setting for current network adapter shows up preferred DNS server, it is the DNS server that your ISP uses to switch traffic.
  • DNS Preset is the place from where you can select or switch to fast DNS server to flow your data traffic.
  • After selecting your preferred and alternate DNS, hit “Change DNS”.
  • Voila! All done.

Now start browsing the web with the fastest DNS servers. Don’t forget to share your feedback about ChrisPC DNS Switch in your comments below.

Download: ChrisPC DNS Switch

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