Create Complete Website with WYSIWYG Web Builder 10

WYSIWYG stands for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get is a web-builder application which allows user to create websites without learning abc of HTML or CSS. As the name suggests, it works on HTML tag that gets generated while creating the website using WYSIWYG tool. The inbuilt HTML, HTML5 and XHTML picks appropriate tags when a user drag and click on desired function to generate output.

WYSIWYG user need to just drag and drop tools to create objects and can add those webpages anywhere. Once done with creating publish the webpage instantly using built-in Publish tool.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 10

Overview of WYSIWYG Web Builder:

    • Download and install WYSIWYG Web builder tool setup file
    • Once done with the installation, execute the builder tool
    • User will be greeted with a Welcome screen on application launch
    • One the left hand side of the WYSIWYG Web Builder, there are list of tool available to insert text box, bookmarks, images, table, drawing, form controls etc.
    • On the other hand, there are options to add web pages, templates, external file, new folder etc. under Site Manger section. There is also a Properties section just next to Site Manager were one can set the alignment of the web page, change file extension, can change background colour, language, Links, Meta Tags etc.
    • Once done with the creating the web content that need to be published, user can publish the website to a local folder or FTP server.

Remarkable features of WYSIWYG:

  • Responsive Web Design: Create different variants of webpages layout optimized to run on all devices.
  • CS3 Animations: Helps user to create animation timelines, text/character animation, multiple animations per object
  • Navigation: Panel menu, slides from left to right of page.
  • Mobile Web Design: WYSIWYG now has an option to create flexible mobile web pages with the help of dedicated tool set for mobile web design.
  • Productivity: Smart Guides, Backup Manager, Format Painter, Rich text messages forms and 100+ pre-designed templates to increase productivity.
  • State of art form validation: It uses info balloons instead  of messages box, real time validation feature.

The tool can be considered as all-in-one software solution to create complete website without learning any coding skills. WYSIWYG supports both fixed and dynamic layout which helps user to design webpage more efficiently.

There are lots of new and useful features available in the application that can be used to create a unique and responsive website. WYSIWYG is available for free download. Do give it a try and share your valuable feedbacks, suggestions in comments below.

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