Intel Compute Stick- Portable PC Over HDMI

After a lot of buzz and delay, finally Intel Compute Stick PC is out by Intel. Although Intel has initially planned to release Compute Stick in March, but it was Newegg that listed the postponed release date. As it goes on a pre order, the Compute Stick is fully compatible with Windows 8.1 & Linux PC which works via HDMI port.

The Compute Stick has an Intel Atom quad-core processor. It is powered by Micro USB jack along with full sized USB port. Users can directly plug it into a monitor or TV through HDMI. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to connect your mouse and keyboard.

All About Intel Compute Stick

Why to buy Intel’s Compute Stick ?

Intel Compute Stick has come to the market after Google announced its Chromebit. There is no special difference between these two apart from their OS, but that’s not it. There are certain features that the Intel Compute Stick promised to deliver since last November, when the product was in initial days of it’s production.

Price and Unique Features:

Intel Compute Stick is priced at $ 150. The Intel Stick could be really useful in this digital age and especially for businesses. Many companies such as Dell, have sticks as an enterprise client solution, but they haven’t taken off in a major way. Some features that have brought the stick in the lime light…

  1. Intel Compute Stick can turn your TV into a Windows desktop
  2. With Compute stick, you practically possess Windows 8 or Linux PC in your palms
  3. The Compute Stick powered by Ubuntu Linux is cheaper than the Windows 8 version. So if you wish to save money, you can run the $89 version with Ubuntu instead of Windows 8.1
  4. It’s a 64-bit quad-core Atom Bay Trial CPU. In other words, it’s a Real PC
  5. It turns your old monitor into a PC and offers you updated web apps and access to cloud storage in your virus- prone desktop from early 2000s

It would be interesting to get and see Windows 10 running on the Intel Compute Stick.

Is it Useful?

Many questions arise as Compute Stick follows Google’s Chromebit. No doubt that the sticks need absolute killer apps and to defeat the cable TV industry’s license agreements.

Now it’s a wait and watch to see who wins the battle to be the best. Whether it’s going to be Chromebit or soon to be launched Intel Compute Stick.

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