Control Your Computer from iPhone with Chrome Remote Desktop

In the old days people had to spend lots of time and needed an IT person to connect our other networks which were placed in the same room. But now if you want to access a personal computer at home, or access your office computer from a remote area then it is just few clicks away.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular, easier and faster browser, Google developed a tool which could help users to remotely access and control other computers over Chrome Browser using extensions from Chrome web store, the tool is known as Chrome Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop supports 2 modes: Firstly, the remote assistance mode, which helps the user to control and access another person’s computer (in case to detect and solve problems). Secondly, remote desktop mode, which helps the user to connect to other devices remotely.Chrome Remote Desktop

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop via iPhone or iPad:

  • Firstly, to connect to the computer that we want to access, it should have Chrome Remote Desktop tool installed and also should be signed into the concerned persons Google account and a PIN has to be set as well.
  • Now we need to download the app on iPhone and launch it, that will detect the active Google accounts on your phone, we then need to choose the same account which is logged in with the computer.
  • After the connection is established we can see the number of computers connected to the Chrome Remote Desktop and tap the network to which you wish to connect and then we need to enter the PIN which was set initially.
  • If we have not set the PIN initially then we can also set it now and again come back to the IOS app and enter the PIN.

Chrome Remote Desktop is available only for Windows, MAC, Android and Linux. After 9 months the Google Chrome Remote Desktop was released for iPhone and iPad users also

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Control Your Computer from iPhone with Chrome Remote Desktop
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