Customize Windows Desktop UI with Rainmeter

Rainmeter application is used to customize Windows desktop UI. It is designed in such a way that you can display it on any of your systems that possesses a battery, memory, weather forecasts and RSS feeds. The ability to record your schedule or the task you are about to do, lay out your micro-Bo, and manage media players. It is capable of beautifying a desktop; hence, exact customization of a skin is possible wholly based on your taste and wish to craft your very own unique desktop. Rainmeter is the software that plays with your imagination and the creative tools you own.

Customize Windows Desktop UI with Rainmeter

Rainmeter being a platform that aids, desktop customization, which enhances the overall functionality and the appearance of your desktop with the help of skins, make your desktop quite handy, and the compact applets can float without restraint on the desktop, much similar to the gadgets like the Windows Sidebar or the dashboard widgets for Mac platforms.

Rainmeter effectively monitors the system’s (Windows) processes present on the desktop, including the Task Manager, memory and internet usage, disk space ,CPU load, broken or corrupted applications/files and network traffic. Rainmeter skins are equipped to give out all the useful information in just one glance.

However, MSI afterburner.dll is essential for a few plug-ins to indicate the general GPU stats of MSI Afterburner. They are rigorously tested for viruses and intactness.

 Features of Rainmeter:

  • Create free skins
  • Allows transparency of Windows
  • Plug-in system that fully supports 3rd party
  • Anti-aliased illustrating routines
  • Works alike the Litestep plug-in
  • Capable of hiding on to mouse over
  • Can very well adhere to the desktop (meaning doesn’t conceal beneath Show Desktop)
  • Skins are reactive to all mouse events
  • Multiple skins are able to run simultaneously
  • Can be managed using 3rd party applications consisting of! Bangs

What makes Rainmeter unique is its unmatched ability to display any of your customized skins right on the desktop without any error. The exclusive skill of this software is all created skins are functional, as they are able to record notes, manage and jot down to-do lists, start your desired favorite application, and can effectively organize your media player lists – every single thing in a clear, hassle-free interface which can be arranged and customized in the manner you fancy it. Rainmeter is on the whole, an all-inclusive application and a top-notch toolkit.

Rainmeter has achieved the label of being the best, worldwide popular and greatly admired desktop program for the Windows. With the help of this latest version, Rainmeter, the task to keep a track and watch on your system resources is now a cake walk.

Download: Rainmeter

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