How to make Windows 10 File Explorer open “This PC” by default

Till Windows 7 OS, when a user jumps to “My Computer” Window it used to display the different drive partitions those were available on the computer. But, starting from Windows 10 onwards when user clicks on  “My Computer” (This PC), Windows explorer will jump to a new screen wherein user will see frequent folders, files those were accessed recently along with their locations.

If you want to get back the old user interface where in, all folders, devices and drives where visible then keep reading this article further to learn how to do that.

File explorer Windows 10

Steps to make This PC visible in file explorer as default:

  • Jump to “This PC” or press Window+E keys together.
  • From top left hand side where you see Quick access-> right click-> options.
  • A new Window will pop up, in the very first line look for “Open File Explorer to” -> select “This PC”-> Apply and ok. Folder Explorer Windows 10
  • Close File Explorer and reopen it by pressing and holding Window+E both keys together.
  • Now, Windows 10 explorer will display different drive partitions and default user account folders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos etc. File Explorer Win 10

In the Folder Options, there is an option to  change privacy settings that can used to show recently used files in Quick Access and show frequently used folders in Quick Access.  If these options are enabled, the file explorer when in Quick Access mode will display information related to files and folders those were accessed recently along with their frequency.

Apart from file explorer, there are many other changes those were introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 Operating System.

In our upcoming articles we are going to cover different other tips and tricks those were added in Windows 10, till then stay tuned to TechDistinct for updates.

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How to make Windows 10 File Explorer open “This PC” by default
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