5 Best Launcher apps for Android smartphones

Launcher apps for Android smartphones are one of the few which is used to change look and feel of smartphones. Android offers ample number of options to tweak, customize the operating system as compared to any other OS designed for mobile devices like Windows OS, iOS etc.

In this article, we will talk about 5 best launcher apps for Android smartphones that allows user to change the user interface (UI) of the phone.

  • Google Now Launcher:best launcher apps for Android

It is the most popular launcher available for Android smartphones. Google Now brings in pure and clean Android experience. It comes with features like quick transitions, allows you to launch searches on Google, see popular cards available for the day, information available based on preferences set for view cards.

  • Nova Launcher:best launcher apps for Android

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular launcher available for Android. It offers plethora of new features like multiple folder views, animated themes. User can tweak the UI by changing the app icon by tweaking the margins around app edges.

Nova launcher also offers option to install widgets on the dock, scroll-able dock and many more.

  • Action Launcher 3:Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher is updated to Android Launcher 3 to give app a clean and lollipop look while offering many other features like easy access to application library, widgets, special gestures for covers & shutters for flawless access.

It picks color that suites best for wallpaper and help to adjust the app drawer, search box, folder backgrounds to match the color combination.

  • Apex Launcher:best android launcher

Apex offers similar features like Nova Launcher. Like tweaking the icon tray size, change home screen behavior and customize gesture based command to control the device.

Apex Launcher offers a good balance between features and performance. The paid version of this launcher unlock more options for customization and additional gestures.

  • Yahoo Avaite Launcher:best launcher apps for Android

Avaite launcher is a different type of launcher when compared with other Android launcher apps those are available. The launcher starts with a simple home screen and an auto-categorized application drawer.

It provides user with information those are required at that point as day passes by using its in-built feature. User can check weather update, read newspaper and can check traffic update on the go. It also opens up your favorite music app when you plug in your headphones.

Apart from the listed launcher there are many more launcher apps available in Android Play Store. One should download and give these launchers a try to get a feel of different user interface of Android device.

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5 Best Launcher apps for Android smartphones
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