Unchecky Finds and Avoid Installing Unwanted Programs

Have you ever encountered issues installing irrelevant programs while downloading a software?  The installer tries to install unwanted programs along with the software that you have downloaded.  It starts appearing on the computer either while opening the browser after installation of a program or while looking up in all programs field. If you have this bitter experience then look no further as we a program that helps you to get rid of those unwanted programs in the first place, unchecky!Unchecky Finds and Avoid Installing Unwanted Programs

How the Unchecky works?

  • You have to download and install ” unchecky ” program from the link given.
  • Once you have this program installed, then you try to install any software; unchecky installer pop-up, Window appears and it will ask you to select an option to complete the installation. You can either ignore the message and it will install all the adware along with the program if there is any or can select an option and complete the installation.
  • Unchecky, service keeps running in the background and it checks for unrelated offers, such as potentially unwanted programs, changes your homepage or your search engine and redirects to a third party malicious while performing searching online.
  • This application may not support all installer and cannot process adware packaged those are yet to release. Still, it auto-updates itself and hence helps you tackle all program installation with ease.

The current version of the application is 1.0.2. This version comes with new features like support for Winaero software, Fixed web offers handling with high DPI settings, Improved support for tools like uTorrent, File share software like FileZilla, security software; Comodo Internet Security, CCleaner, Auslogics products etc.

This application comes handy and can be kept installed on the computer because at any point of time one can access this freeware to tackle installing unwanted program with ease. Operating system supported by the application is Windows XP and above.

Download: Unchecky Program

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