Windows 10 Creators Update

How to Install Windows 10 Creators Update

On April 10, Microsoft rolled out Creators Update for Windows 10 OS. The update is rolled out in phased manner and it will be made available to all users depending upon their geo-location.

There are two ways to install Windows 10 Creators Update:

  1. Using Windows update, Creators Update will be offered via Windows default update option in a phased manner. Hence, chances are there that you won’t be able to see any update in Windows update section on the computer.
  2. Using Software Download site, a user can download and install the latest update instantly.

Steps to Install Windows 10 Creators Update:

  1. Download and Run Update Assistant for Windows 10 using this link.Install Windows 10 Creators Update2. The setup will show you an option for “Update”. Click on the update button. Install Windows 10 Creators Update3. The setup will examine the pre-requisite requirements like the version of Operating System, Version 32 or 64 bit, hardware and software installed etc once all requirements are met, setup will start downloading the latest build.Install Windows 10 Creators Update4. Wait till the update is downloaded, it will show you an option to “Restart” computer once the computer is ready to install the new build. Install Windows 10 Creators Update

The setup will install the new update keeping all files, folder, and programs intact. This update process will take around 20 minutes depends on the hardware, internet speed etc. Once the update is completed it will restart the computer.

Features of Windows 10 Creators Update:

Creators Update offers lots of new features and bug fixes, like Paint application, now allow users to create an object using its built-in 3D modeling feature. It’s not like paint application will allow you to create heavy customized 3D objects, it’s like you will be able to add few tweaks to your 2D drawing and add few inbuilt 3D models to your art.

It’s not like paint application will allow you to create heavy customized 3D objects, it’s like you will be able to add few tweaks to your 2D drawing and add few inbuilt 3D models to your art.

Xbox app now offers stream games instantaneously. Last year Microsoft purchased Beam live streaming service, in order to bridge the gap between Xbox and Windows OS. Beam live streaming offers

Beam live streaming offers user to stream games they are playing on the computer instantaneously using Game Bar command Windows+G. Pressing this key combination brings in floating Game Bar and allows the user to run Games on top of all other applications running on the computer. Hence, it helps to add better system performance when you are gaming.

Night Light settings allow users to set time when you want to decrease screen brightness and helps you to sleep while working at night. As suggested in studies, Computer screen emits blue light which confuses our brain and creates a problem in our sleeping pattern. This setting once activated turns the color of the screen to light orange and helps users while working at night.

Speedy Microsoft Edge, In this new Creators Update, Microsoft has added better tab management feature to Edge browser. This new feature allows the user to open multiple browsers and see what they have opened at once rather than selecting that specific tab.

More Privacy to users: This feature allows one to adjust privacy settings that they feel is good for them. Like allowing Microsoft to show target ads based on Windows OS usages, show/hide geo-location, send usage/crash reports to Microsoft etc.

There are many other updates and features rolled out by Microsoft. Do try to install the new Creators Update and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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