How to Tell What WordPress Theme A Website Using

WordPress is world’s best and most popular CMS tool available in the market. When WordPress first came into existence it was designed for blogs. But, it became the most popular platform and is currently used worldwide by many big companies. All WP sites offer many features to customize look and feel of the site by using different themes & plugin. There is a tool called What WordPress theme is that? This web based app that helps to find the details of  a WordPress theme a site is using.

Find What WordPress Theme is that?

  • In order to find WordPress theme, visit What WordPress theme is that?
  • Enter URL of the site
  • It will scan the site and display name of the theme.

What WordPress theme is that? detects site theme those are not customized beyond customization option. I.e. sites which are heavily customized is not detected by the web app.

When web app detects a valid WordPress theme, it will show the detail of the theme name along with few of plugins those are installed on the site as shown below.

What WordPress theme is that?

When user search for theme those are not detected by the web app will show error message as shown below.

What WordPress theme is that?

What WordPress theme is that? helps site owner, WordPress developer to find the name of the theme that specific site is running. When a theme developer claims that a specific theme is designed by them, then this web app can help to find name of the theme.

This web app detects both free and paid themes. Do give a try to What WordPress theme is that? and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Link: What WordPress theme is that?

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