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Disable AMP on Mobile Devices

AMP is widely criticised by users and Google Publishers worldwide. The reason for this is AMP doesn’t show the original URL of the page on mobile devices nor it offers an option on the Google search itself to pick the original URL. This problem causes an issue when a user wants to share original URL. In this post, we will discuss how to disable AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was developed by Google to increase page load speed on mobile devices. Although, it shows the result on the mobile devices with AMP feature, but it chunks out original layout or content of the page. Accelerated Mobile Pages shows only the cached version of the page with a minimum makeover, especially sites with news related topics are most targeted by AMP.

How to Disable AMP on Mobile Devices:

  • In order to disable AMP and to see original pages while accessing the site, users can add in their mobile web browser settings.
  • Go to any browser or Chrome, search for site.
  • Now, type your keyword to search in the box, it will display non-AMP version of the site

Disable AMP

  • Click on three dots -> settings -> Search Engines

disable amp

  • Select

Disable AMP

  • Close and reopen mobile browser and start searching
  • It will now start showing non-AMPfied version of the site with original content/layout

Changing the search engine from to will solve the issue with AMP pages to appear. This is one of the best way to get rid of  AMPfied version of site pages.

Users who use mobile devices to make maximum searches online, they should definitely enable this option.  Users who want to make their site AMP compatible, they should check AMP Project site.

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