Keep Num Lock Always On Windows: How to

Keep Num Lock Always On Windows: How to

In a full keyboard there is a separate keys for Num Lock, Scroll and Caps lock. But in small/portable devices like in Laptop it doesn’t have those dedicated keys, as they use compact keyboard layout. Sometimes, when we want to keep num lock option always On or Off. There is no such option or dedicated button available on a portable size computer. NumLocker app offers such feature that allows end user to tweak how they want these keys to work. On Windows based PC it helps individual to keep Num lock, Caps lock or Scroll lock always On or Off based on the requirement. In this article, we will talk about NumLocker app in detail.

How to Keep Num Lock Always On Windows:

  • Download and install NumLocker from here.
  • Based on the usage turn on/off Num lockKeep Num Lock Always On Windows: How to
  • Repeat the above steps for Caps lock and Scroll lock function

If you want to change state of Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Caps lock then this app is not for you. NumLocker is designed for those who want to keep all three keys at a specific state like all option will be On/Off/Always On/Always Off to prevent accidentally toggling/changing it.

If you don’t want to limit these keys to a specific state but would like to know when you’ve turned them On or Off, you can enable audio alerts for them. Audio alerts can be managed & changed from Control Panel.

Under control panel-> Ease of access-> Ease of access center and click ‘Make Keyboard easier to use.

On the screen, “Turn on Toggle Keys” option. Turning on this option will make sound when you press Num, Scroll or Caps lock. Keep Num Lock Always On Windows: How to

Apart from using  NumLocker app, there is another option to tweak Num Lock by going into registry.

Below are the steps to achieve Num Lock via Registry Editor:

Keep Num Lock Always On Windows: How to

  • Press Win + R and type in Regedit
  • Navigate to registry key HKEY_USERS\Default\Control Panel\Keyboard
  • Right click on the “InitialKeyboardIndicators”, select Modify and change Value data to 2.
  • Exit Registry-> reboot & enjoy

It is always advised to backup registry before making any changes to site. Hence, before trying above steps kindly backup registry.

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