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Unfriend Notify for Facebook.

Get notified, when you lose a friend on Facebook‏ with Unfriend Notify for Facebook

Have you ever thought there should be an app or software just like many other already existed tools for Facebook that will allow you to receive notification when someone remove your from their friend list? If you are still looking for such an app then look no further, here we have Unfriend Notify for Facebook , that will […]

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Jolla Smartphone Powered by Sailfish Operating System

All About Jolla Smartphone Powered by Sailfish Operating System

Sailfish OS is the newest mobile operating system announced this year, it is been designed by Nokia ex-engineers and runs on Linux based mobile OS, developed under Jolla and Mer Project. Sailfish OS is developed to run on all upcoming smartphone manufactured by Jolla and other manufacturer. Top 5 features of Sailfish Operating System are:   […]

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